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7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Do you use free WiFi at the hotel, bus stop, railway station, airport, mall or other places? So you definitely need to be careful. You may have to make a mistake as soon as possible to connect to the Internet and you may have to pay a big price for one mistake. Public WiFi may be unsafe. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a preoccupation with a later retaliation. Here are the 7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi.

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

While using public WiFi, some things need to be kept in mind. Otherwise, your smartphone may steal any sensitive data. Here are seven things that need to be carefully monitored.

1 Keep the phone operating system updated

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiThe operating system does not only provide the necessary interface for the use of smartphones but also protects from the dangers. From time to time, companies issue security updates that eliminate shortcomings and save smartphones from other risks. Therefore, it should always keep the smartphone’s software up-to-date. Not only for the purpose of accessing the public WiFi, but it is very important to keep the phone up to date.

2. Use mobile antivirus tools

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiBefore using public WiFi, the phone must have security software installed. It is not a problem in iOS but there may be malware on Android. Under these circumstances, look for antivirus software that has features such as firewalls, malware scanning and removal. In fact, by connecting the phone to the public WiFi, the other device’s malware may come on your device. This can happen by mistake and only when the infected device sends the virus to other devices. Maybe hackers are knowingly doing it. Anti-malware apps prove to be helpful in this matter.

3. Slow public WiFi can be dangerous

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiIf you have logged into an open WiFi network and feel that the connection is slow, then disconnect it soon. Disconnect it even if it is difficult to navigate the sign in page. The speed can be low even if the router is in the flick of the virus. It may also be that you have been connected to another Router in place of the Main Router. It is possible that you are accessing data through another device. In reality, cyber criminal keeps track of whether there is no WiFi signal around. They immediately turn their PC into a fake router. If someone connects to the device instead of the router, then all the data sent by it is copied.

4. Avoid Banking and Shopping

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiOnline banking or shopping by public WiFi connection is unsafe. Skimmers can hack your accounts’ information. Use mobile data if you have any necessary transactions, or use VPN. Instead of net banking on the browser, use the bank’s official app because they have encryption. Shop this way through the established companies’ app.

5. Adopt to Factor Authentication

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiIf you are using frequent free WiFi, keep two-factor authentication on all your online accounts, especially Personal Gmail, and bank accounts. In addition to normal passwords in two-factor authentication, you also have to put incoming OTP on your mobile phone. Without which you can not login So it is very important that you can not do anything even if you know your password when using public WiFi.

6. Disconnect the WiFi when finished

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiMost people are ignoring the issue of disconnection of public WiFi. But if you’re finished working on WiFi, then switch the smartphone or tab to the WiFi. If WiFi is not disabled, then silently anyone can put a virus on your phone.

7. Do not connect to public WiFi without VPN

7 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-FiUsing VPN can protect against risks arising while using public WiFi. VPN (Virtual Private Network) could only be used on laptops and desktops but now apps are also available. Such apps connect to a secure VPN server and encrypt your data. VPN has many advantages. Information about the website block in the country is also available.

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