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Now You'll Be Able To Make Payment Using WhatsApp Mobile Wallet

WhatsApp is going to launch payment system like WhatsApp Mobile Wallet in India very soon. According to the News, the payment system will be based on the unified payment interface (UPI). The government began services like BHIM App after monetization for the cashless facility. In this series, Samsung also announced the launch of its digital services providing access to the App 'Samsung pay' in India.

According to media reports, the WhatsApp is going to invent head of the digital transaction in the field of UPI and digital based payment system. There can be no doubt that, as soon as payment enable WhatsApp messaging service may begin. WhatsApp spokesperson said that India is an important country for us. We want that, we also support India's digital vision. This new service of WhatsApp can give big competition to already available payment services such as Android Pay and Apple Pay in the country.

Now You'll Be Able To Make Payment Using WhatsApp Mobile Wallet200 million people are using WhatsApp worldwide, while India has 1.2 billion active WhatsApp users. Nearly 109 countries are using WhatsApp in the world. According to the report, WhatsApp payment system will be like a mobile wallet.

The mobile wallet company PayTM is having 200 million users in India. RBI wants that all of the Wallet companies can make transactions with each other. Currently, money transfer between two different mobile wallets is not possible. Let us inform you that, Facebook has launched Facebook Messenger app payment option service in the United States. The service will also be launched in India soon. Swedish company TrueCaller has already launched its own payment service in India. For that, TrueCaller have made an agreement with ICICI bank

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