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Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): 10 Things You Need to Know About Asia's Oldest Stock Exchange

[caption id="attachment_1464" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): 10 Things You Need to Know About Asia's Oldest Stock Exchange Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): 10 Things You Need to Know About Asia's Oldest Stock Exchange[/caption]

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is set to complete 142 years on 9th July. At that time, 318 persons started the first batch of the stock market under the Banyan tree with an entry fee of Rs.1.

Raychand Roy from Surat and Bombay Stock Exchange-BSE

The credit of the establishment of BSE goes to Premchand Raychand. Premchand was also known as Cotton King and Bullion King, who was the son of well-known businessman Raychand Deepchand. Raychand was settled in Mumbai with family.

Fluently English speaking and writing expert Premchand started the brokered lobbying in 1949. His Indian market was lofty in this area as he was very interested in the work of cotton and bullion. He established the Stock and Stock Brokers Association, later become the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Thus Raychand played the role of founder of BSE.

Lifeline of millions of Indians

BSE's Sensitive Index (SENSEX) is the lifeline of millions of Indians. It is also known as SENSEX-30. BSE has been a key role in the growth of the Indian capital market and its index is globally valued. 30 leading and financially viable companies in various sectors of India managing BSE, these companies also represent the Indian economy.

More than 5000 companies registered

Due to Germany-based Deutsche Bourse and the Singapore Exchange, BSE is associated with a strategic partner. Since 5749 companies registered in BSE, it is the world's largest stock exchange. For the last 140 years, the direction of the Indian economy has been determined.

Asia's oldest stock exchange (Bombay Stock Exchange)

[caption id="attachment_1465" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): 10 Things You Need to Know About Asia's Oldest Stock Exchange Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE): 10 Things You Need to Know About Asia's Oldest Stock Exchange[/caption]

BSE is Asia's oldest stock exchange and four Gujarati and one Parsi stock brokers are credited for its establishment. These four stockbrokers talked about their business around the 1950s and sat down under a tree of banyan in front of the town hall of Bombay (then Bombay). The number of these brokers has been increasing steadily every year. In 1875, he created The Native Stock and Stock Brokers Association. Also bought an office in Dalal Street, which is today known as BSE.

11th largest stock exchange

BSE started the Dollex-30 on January 25, 2001. It is known as a dollar-linked version of BSE. BSE is the 11th largest stock exchange in the world. BSE is the fifth largest stock exchange in the world in terms of the transaction. BSE has received this title on the basis of market capitalization. BSE operates a total of 1320 billion (1.32 trillion) market capitalization.

The world's largest stock exchange

Rank, Exchange value (Billion Dollars), Listed Companies, Age (Year), Country

  1. New York Stock Exchange, 19223, 2400224, USA

  2. Nasdaq, 6831305845, Americas

  3. London stock exchanges, 6187,3041,215, Britain

  4. Tokyo Stock Exchange, 4485,2292,138, Japan

  5. Shanghai Stock Exchange, 3986,1041,26, China

  6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange, 3325,1866,125, Hong Kong

  7. European, 3321,1299,16, France

  8. Toronto Stock Exchange, 27811524155, Canada

  9. Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 2285,1420,29, China

  10. Frankfurt stock exchange, 17663769,431, Germany (Oldest)

  11. Bombay Stock Exchange, 1682,5749,142, India

  12. National Stock Exchange, 1642,1696,24, India

  13. Swiss Stock Exchange, 151626221, Switzerland

  14. Australian Securities Exchange, 127221629, Australia

  15. Korea Stock Exchange, 12512030,1, South Korea (New)

The name of the Dalal Street came in like manner

Under the banyan tree near the town hall of the Harriman Circle in Churchgate area of Mumbai, the stockbrokers used to deal together. After almost a decade, the Dalal Street became famous as Dalal Street after gathering under the banyan tree on Dalal Maddox Street and MG Road junction.

Bulls & Beers


It is believed that bulls are always attacking their horns and therefore they are regarded as a symbol of this boom and profit market.


According to the US Financial Services Company Motley Full, beer is the name of a bear when it crashes on any item, its paw is below and hence the beer is considered as a defaced symbol.

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