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KBC 5 winner Sushil Kumar is now doing this work

[caption id="attachment_1501" align="aligncenter" width="715"]KBC 5 winner Sushil Kumar is now doing this work KBC 5 winner Sushil Kumar is now doing this work[/caption]

India's Most popular TV Game Show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' is Back. This show has helped many people to get a new identity. Sushil Kumar Kaanam, who won five crores in 2011. In 2011, Sushil won Rs 5 crore in KBC season 5. During this, he had told that he will repair the roof of his house with this amount. After winning 5 crores he became an overnight hero. He was very well discussed among the people. Do you know KBC 5 winner Sushil Kumar is now doing this work?

Sushil Kumar won a huge amount of Rs 5 crore in KBC and registered his name in the history of KBC. But do you know what he's doing now? Sushil Kumar, a resident of Motihangari Hanumangarh, is awakening the importance of education within the people these days. He has adopted 100 children of Machchharganva Mahadalit township of Kotwa block. He is spending himself for the education of those children. Their purpose is that children can understand the importance of education. His aim is to give additional knowledge apart from schooling of children.

This work of Sushil Kumar is very much appreciated by people. Sushil has also appointed two teachers named Shiv Rai and Ravi Kumar for children's education. He is taking every necessary step for the children from 1st to 8th class. He believes that when children get a proper education then they will succeed in life. Even after winning the five crore rupees, there is no boast inside Sushil Kumar. He still uses bicycles and scooty as a common man.

Sushil says that he wants to serve the people by becoming a teacher. That's why he is doing a PhD in psychology and he is also learning the Urdu language. Earlier, there was news of Sushil's bankruptcies in the media. While clearing this, Sushil said, "It is not so, I have not gone bankrupt at all. All these things are merely a rumour.

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