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10 interesting things related to India's independence

[caption id="attachment_2118" align="aligncenter" width="880"]10 interesting things related to India's independence 10 interesting things related to India's independence[/caption]

10 interesting things related to India's independence: Mahatma Gandhi had led the independence movement of India. But when the country got independence on August 15, 1947, they did not participate in the celebration.

10 interesting things related to India's independence

  1. Mahatma Gandhi was in Bengal Mohakhali, thousands of kilometres away from Delhi on Independence Day, where he was on hunger strike to stop communal violence between Hindus and Muslims.

  2. When it was decided that India would be free on August 15, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel sent a letter to Mahatma Gandhi. It was written in the letter, "August 15, 1947, will be our first Independence Day, you are the Father of the Nation".

  3. Gandhi sent an answer to this statement, "When Hindus and Muslims are killing each other in Calcutta, how can I come to celebrate this, I will give my life to stop the riots."

  4. Jawaharlal Nehru delivered the historic speech 'Tryst with Destiny' on the midnight of August 14 from the Viceroy Lodge (the current Rashtrapati Bhavan). Nehru then did not become the Prime Minister. The speech was heard by the whole world, but Gandhi went to sleep that day at nine o'clock.

  5. On August 15, 1947, Lord Mountbatten worked at his office. In the afternoon Nehru handed him a list of his cabinet and later addressed a gathering in Princes Garden near India Gate.

  6. On every Independence Day, the Indian Prime Minister hoists the flag from the Red Fort. But this did not happen on August 15, 1947. According to a research paper of the Lok Sabha secretariat, Nehru hoisted the flag on August 16, 1947, from the Red Fort.

  7. According to Campbell Johnson, the press secretary of Lord Mountbatten, the then Viceroy of India, the friend nation was on the second anniversary of the dedication of Japan in front of the country's army on August 15, on this day it was decided to free India.

  8. By August 15, the boundary line between India and Pakistan was not determined. The decision was made on August 17 with the announcement of Radcliffe Line.

  9. India became free on August 15, but there was no national anthem of its own. Rabindranath Tagore's Jan-Gan-Mann had been written in 1911, but this national anthem was made in 1950 itself.

  10. August 15, Independence Day of India, besides three other countries. South Korea became independent from Japan on August 15, 1945. Bahrain was liberated from Britain on August 15, 1971, and Congo from France on August 15, 1960.

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