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Ram Navami 2019 - Why do We Celebrate Ram Navami?

Ram Navami 2019 - Why do We Celebrate Ram Navami?

Ram Navami will be celebrated on April 14, 2019. This time Ram Navami is in the Pushya Nakshatra. Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the best constellation in all 27 constellations. Lord Rama was born in the yoga of Pushya Nakshatra. According to Agastya Samhita, if Chaitra Shukla is with the Navami rehabilitation nakshatra and it remains till noon, then this yoga is very sacramental.

Ram Navami 2019 Date

Ashtami and Navami will be celebrated on the eighth day of Chaitra Navaratri. On the eighth day of the Chaitra Navaratri, the new date(Ram Navami) will start at 8.19 AM, which will be till 6.04 a.m. next day. Lord Rama was born at Poshni Nakshatra at 12 noon. Therefore, it will be auspicious to celebrate Ramnavmi on April 14 at 12 noon.

On Pushya Nakshatra and Ram Navami, there will be a great day to buy land, buildings, vehicles, jewellery, electric goods etc. Shopping in Pushya Nakshatra would be auspicious.

Hindu New Year 2076 

The Chaitra Navaratri will be from April 6 and from this day, the new Samvatsar 2076 will also be started. According to the calculation of Hindu calendar, Hindu New Year begins with Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. This new conservatory 2076 will be known as Sadhvi, known as Sadhvita. This year, the king of Samvat will be Shani and the minister will be the sun god.

Why We Celebrate Ram Navami

Ram Navami 2019 - Why do We Celebrate Ram Navami?

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Ram Navami is celebrated on the ninth date of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. According to the scriptures, Lord Sriram was born on this day, hence this day is celebrated as Ramjanmotsav or Ram Navami. This date is called Ramnavmi due to Lord Rama's birth festival.

Lord Rama is considered to be the incarnation of Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took human incarnation in the form of Shriram in Tretayug to destroy the atrocities on earth. Lord Rama is called as 'Maryada Purushottam' because, in spite of having many hardships in his lifetime, he presented the best example of a limited life. He did not abandon his ideas in the opposite conditions and lived in the limelight. So he has been given the place of the best man.

On this day especially celebrate the festivities of Lord Rama and celebrate the festival of their birth by organizing various types of worship. Though Lord Rama's birthday is celebrated with enthusiasm throughout India, in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Ram, this festival is celebrated with great joy. A grand fair is organized in Ayodhya on Ramnavmi, in which apart from devotees, the saints and ascetics also arrive and celebrate Ramjanm (Ramnavami).

On Ramnavmi day, fasting and other religious rituals are organized in Hindu families. His birth anniversary is organized at the time of the birth of Ram Ji and he is welcomed with happiness. In many houses, specially decorated, the house is set up to purify the Kalash and worshipping Shriram Ji, the bhajan Kirtan is organized. This day, especially with Lord Ram, worship of Mata Janki (Lord Rama's Wife) and Lakshman(Lord Rama's Brother) also happens.

On being asked for a boon from Ram Ji's father Maharaja Dasharath, Shriram left the palace and accepted 14 years of exile and happily conquered Lanka by killing arrogant Ravana along with many others during exile. While leaving Ayodhya, along with Shri Ram, Mata Janaki and brother Lakshman went on exile for 14 years. This is the reason that Ramnavmi is also worshipped with Shriram.

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