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Lucy Wills Haematologist: Pioneering prenatal care Researcher

Lucy Wills Haematologist

Google today celebrates the 131st birthday of Lucy Wills, a well-known Haematologist. She has a special relationship with India. Google has shown Lucy Wills working in Labs through a colourful doodle. They also have a piece of bread and teacup in the plate. Lucy had done many research work on the prevention of blood loss in women's body in India.

Lucy Wills was born on 10 May 1888 in England. Lucy enrolled in the Cheltenham College of Young Ladies. This college was one of the first British boarding schools to train female students in science and mathematics.

In 1911, she received first class in Botany and Geology at Newham College of Cambridge University. In the year 1914, at the onset of World War I, Lucy served as a nurse in Cape Town, South Africa. This is where the trend towards her medicine has increased.

In the year 1928, Lucy came to India to investigate severe anemia due to pregnant women working in the textile industry of Mumbai. After examination, they considered the bad diet behind the disease as the biggest cause. Due to which these women working in the mill were getting macroeconomic anaemia. In this disease, the size of red blood cells becomes much more than normal when the pregnancy of women is conceived.

Lucy has done many experiments on monkeys and rats for the prevention of anemia. By giving yeast in their food, these creatures were able to remove the lack of blood. This experiment is known as the Wills Factor. The yeast mixed in food is known as folic acid, which is still used.

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