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Business dropped due to violent CAA protests, 70 percent cancelled New Year bookings

Business dropped due to violent protests, 70 per cent cancelled New Year bookings

Violent protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have affected businesses across the country. In order to celebrate the new year, people had got travel booking done, which is now being cancelled by people. Apart from this, the number of shoppers has decreased. Due to the protests, people have stopped going to big malls.
People eating in restaurants in the NCR region are now rarely seen. Hotel owners and travel agents say that people have been continuously cancelling bookings for a few days. Due to the sudden increase in airfare by airline companies, people have cancelled their holiday plan.

Many trains coming to and from the east and northeast region are being cancelled. Due to this also the airfare is now touching the air. Anil Punjabi, chairman of the Federation of Indian Travel Agents, says that more than Rs 15 crore has been lost so far due to violent protests in the east and northeast region.

It is estimated that about 70 per cent of the people booked to celebrate New Year and Christmas have been cancelled. The tourism business has been affected the most in the Northeast region. Over ten per cent of the businesses in restaurants have been affected in the last seven days.

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