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Famous singer Mary Frederickson died at 61

Famous singer Mary Frederickson died at 61

Famous Hollywood singer Mary Frederickson has died at the age of 61. Mary Frederickson was undergoing radiation treatment to treat her brain tumour. Mary's relatives have said in the statement that she had been fighting a battle against cancer for the past 17 years.
Let me tell you that in 2002, Mary fell in the bathroom, causing a serious head injury. During the treatment, it was revealed that Mary Frederickson had a brain tumour. But despite this, Mary Frederickson did not give up. On one hand, she continued her treatment and on the other hand, she continued to perform till 2016.

Significantly, Mary Frederickson has lent her voice to many popular songs like Fading Like a Flower, Listening to Your Heart, Sleeping in My Car.

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