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Order to Shoot 10,000 Camels in Australia, The Reason is Very Strange

Order to Shoot 10,000 Camels in Australia, The Reason is Very Strange

Normally you would have seen that there is an attempt to save the fauna around the world, but a decision by tribal leaders in Australia has surprised everyone. He has ordered the killing of about 10,000 wild camels in South Australia to conserve drinking water in drought-prone areas. The work will be started from Wednesday, in which professional shooters will hunt camels by helicopter. 

According to media reports, some tribal communities living in Australia complain that wild camels come to their area in search of water and damage their properties. Following this complaint, a decision has been taken to kill the camels. This may take about five days. 

It is also of concern that animals are also contributing to global warming because they emit methane equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide a year. Australia's National Wild Camel Management Plan claims that the wild camel population will double every nine years if no camel prevention plan is introduced. 

Tim Moore, chief executive officer of carbon farming specialist Rezenco, says that one million wild camels emit as much methane as carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to an additional four million cars on the road. However, the Department of Energy and Environment says that wild animal emissions should not be considered in the country's emissions estimates because they are not under domestic management. 

Australia is battling a fierce fire in the forests anyway. Till now, millions of animals have been burnt to death in this fire. Many painful pictures and videos are going viral on social media. In such a situation, the increasing population of camels is also a matter of concern. 

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