Here's How Much Deepika Padukone Earn Per Endorsement
Here’s How Much Deepika Padukone Earn Per Endorsement

Deepika Padukone has started her career in Hollywood, but in India, she has become the most endorsed celebrity in India. Recently, a mobile company has signed an agreement with Deepika Padukone. In this way, she has got 18 endorsements together. The more interesting thing is that Sonam Kapoor was the first to do this mobile campaign. But seeing the popularity of Deepika, the company chose Deepika to remove Sonam and increase her product sales. Here’s How Much Deepika Padukone Earn Per Endorsement.

Cosmetic, airline company and mobile advertising are endorsed by Deepika. Since her popularity is increasing in the country and abroad, various companies are interested in Dipeeka for advertising. Deepika has the highest number of 18 brand advertisements that shows her popularity.

Deepika has been involved in the cover of the magazine’s cover page and also on advertising on billboards and small screens. Top companies have been encouraged to make their brand advert to Deepika.

Deepika’s earnings by advertising have reached 8 crores per endorsement. In this regard, she has left behind the Khans.


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