Good News for Kapil Sharma fans! The Kapil Sharma Show to go on Air from November 25
Good News for Kapil Sharma fans! The Kapil Sharma Show to go on Air from November 25

Kapil Sharma is going to make a grand comeback in the world of television again. Kapil is coming back with ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for his fans. The first season of Kapil’s ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ was liked by the audience. In that show, Kapil also had amazing comedians such as Kiku Sharada and Sunil Grover. Now the second season of the show is coming. Kapil is appearing in Sony Entertainment with The Kapil Sharma Show from November 25.

In the report of Bollywood Hungama citing a source, it has been said, “Kapil Sharma’s show can be seen in front of the audience by the end of the 25th November. We are working on this. We want to give the audience a lot of happiness through Kapil’s show as a Diwali gift. If we do not come here on November 25, we will start on 11 December for sure. ”

Let me tell you, before this, Kapil Sharma has already told himself that soon he will bringing his show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ once again to Sony Channel. Kapil had given this information by tweeting about this. Kapil was engaged with the mission of reducing his weight in the past. Actually, Kapil’s weight had increased after some time cut off from the TV. Kapil’s health also got worse. After a long break, Kapil is once again coming to the new incarnation in front of his fans. Kapil Sharma’s fans are quite happy and excited by Kapil’s comeback.

It’s still not confirmed that Sunil Grover will be a part of this show or not? But one of Kapil’s old companions on the show, Kiku Sharda, will be seen in the show as an old show.


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